How does Instagowns work?

You can list your gown for sale or rent. Once you’ve posted your gown, interested shoppers will contact you directly using the contact option that you requested. Instagowns is solely a listing platform, so we don’t take any commissions. All sales are entirely up to the seller and the buyer.


We help preowned, beautiful modest gowns go to good use instead of gathering dust in your closet, and help you get money back in your pocket.


You can sell bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride gowns, maternity gowns, childrens’ dressy clothing, and accessories.


We also will soon have a directory of wedding service providers and vendors to help you plan your special day.

What’s your pricing structure?

We charge a listing fee only. No commission! You can see our full pricing structure here.

Do you have a store location?

No, we are a listing site only- we don’t carry any products online or in person, because Instagowns is not a store, just a platform. You can find gowns posted here from all over the world. Just check each gown’s location, or use the search filters to find yours. You can also see if the seller has checked the box that they are willing to ship it to you.

What counts as a “modest” dress?

There are many different definitions and standards of modesty. Instagowns was originally founded having in mind the standards of Orthodox Jewish modesty called “tzniut” or “tznius” meaning neckline covering collarbone, elbows covered, and knees covered, but we welcome dresses from other modest communities or individuals who may have different standards. Shoppers can look for dresses that meet their own needs. We celebrate everyone who shops our virtual shelves, no matter what gown they choose!

I found a dress I like. What do I do now?

Use the buttons on the listing page to email or text the seller. Let them know that you saw their listing on Instagowns and you’re interested in purchasing. You and the seller can take it from there!

Someone just bought my dress, how do I mark it as sold?

Great question! Of course, you don’t want more sellers to contact you after the gown is already sold. Log into your account, click on “My Gowns,” and on the gown that was sold, click the button that says “Mark as Sold.” That’s it!

What if I have more than one gown to sell?

Our rule is one dress per listing. You may not list (or show in the pictures) multiple gowns together. One listing=one dress. If you have more gowns, please create a new listing for each one.

How do I sell multiple sizes of the same gown? (For example, matching children’s gowns.)

We calculate the total amount of all of the gowns and charge according to the total price range. See the pricing page for more information on pricing.

Can you help me if I have issues with the seller or buyer?

No, we just make the match! We’re not able to troubleshoot any sales issues. All our best tips and guidance are on this website and we try to set you up for success, but we don’t handle the sales process. That is between you and the seller.


Please do let us know if you have complaints about anyone on our platform, so we can ban any rule-breakers from our platform in the future. We reserve full rights to remove anyone for harassment, misrepresentation, or any other cause at our discretion to make Instagowns a pleasant and successful experience for everyone.

I own a gown salon- could I list my gowns with you?

Absolutely. Contact us for a special promotion for salon gown listings.

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