Tips for Sellers

What can I do to increase the chances my gown will sell?

The most important thing you can do is create a great listing. Clear, attractive pictures and a detailed, helpful, positive description are helpful to get the shopper’s attention.

Your picture is the most important part- that will help people decide if they want the gown.

If you were shopping for a gown, what would you want to know about it? Explain why this is a great price that you chose, compared to the original price. Don’t just say it’s beautiful but specify how it fit and some features you like about it. 

Most importantly, be honest about your gown’s condition! We rely on each and every one of you to be genuine and give the buyers a good experience. Trust is an important part of shopping online marketplaces and we trust you to do your part.


Do you have any tips for good photos?

  • Your first photo should be a full-length shot of the front of the dress, because that’s what will show up in search results. You can also include shots of the back and sides. A closeup of any special features may be helpful (for example, textured fabrics or embroidery).
  • Use high quality photos. No one wants to see a screenshot from your phone!
  • Pictures should be well lit and show the color of the dress clearly. 
  • It’s best to have the dress on a person and NOT on a hanger so shoppers can clearly picture what the dress will look like on a person.
  • Crop out any extra people in the photo, and crop out or blur the face of the person wearing the dress. (Do not use emojis over the faces.)
  • If you have a professional shot by the event photographer, that’s probably a good choice to use.


How should I price my gown?

It depends! If you’re in a hurry to sell you can give a steep discount. Or if you would rather make more money back, you can price closer to full price.

If you really can’t decide, a good rule of thumb is half the price of what you paid. 

But really, it all depends on you and what the market is willing to pay.


I posted my gown but it didn’t sell yet. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, we offer the following boosting options: posting your gown on our Instagram stories, and featuring your gown on our homepage. To boost your chance of a sale, go to your account page and choose the Edit/Repost button on the gown you’d like to boost. Then scroll down and select the boosting options you’d like to apply.

You can also share the link on your own networks!


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